Taimoor has been present in my life, in one way or another, for as long as I can remember. Nawal and I met for the first time when Taimoor wanted to surprise her with this engagement proposal. He found Ort Farms in Long Valley, New Jersey, the best spot for them. I agree entirely because this gallery illustrates their vibrant and dynamic personalities beautifully. Taimoor also enlisted the help of his siblings, Nawal's best friend, Sammy, and a few other close friends to help pull off this elaborate stunt. I was expecting Taimoor to bring some donuts and surprise her with the box, but the group went above and beyond--now, how could Nawal say no to THAT?

High noon sun with minimal shade would be a nightmare typically, but it worked out remarkably well for this couple. The bright sun paired well with their bright smiles, and their adoration for each other showed through during our time together. The never-ending rows of mature apple trees created a vivid and genuinely picturesque backdrop, perfectly complementing Nawal and Taimoor's personalities.

The contrast between Taimoor's blue shirt and Nawal's red dress must have been pure luck since Nawal had already been out of the house when Taimoor had invited her to come to Ort Farms with him. The vibrancy in their outfits complemented each other well, and it helped to create a lot more visual interest in the images. The couple's clothing choices also perfectly complemented the natural, rich green tones of the farms, resulting in an energetic, dynamic, and exciting aesthetic.

Taimoor and Nawal are so clearly meant for each other, and I'm deeply honored that they let me see into a window of their lives to capture their genuine love and connection. Overall, this surprise engagement session was among the most elaborate setups I've ever seen and significantly more wonderful since it took place at Ort Farms in Long Valley, New Jersey. Without the detailed engagement setup, Ort Farms is still a beautiful and affectionate first-date (or even tenth-date!) location with many organic fruits and fun activities for you and your partner, and even for kids.

A ton of work went into planning and executing this entire day, and I'm glad that I could experience the fruits of this resoundingly successful plan. As the intense midday sun paired with their vibrant outfit choices and energetic and bubbly personalities, every aspect of this shoot combined wonderfully, resulting in one of the best displays of commitment and affection I've ever seen. This experience, indeed, was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for all of us.

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