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Photography and Cinematography by Zain Bhatti in Flanders, New Jersey


Hi, my name is Zain.
I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Flanders, New Jersey, and I can’t wait to work with you!

I believe in creating an experience where you can forget that you're in front of a camera and just be yourself.

I want to capture those genuine, candid moments others might glance over, and freeze them in time.

Think of me as your personal historian!

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To me, photography is about capturing genuine moments and emotions in an image. I believe a good photo should allow you to revisit and relive a memory, and that's what I want to do - create memories to last a lifetime.

As much as I love seeing the world through my lens, I love sharing it even more.


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My Recent Work

In my sessions, you can expect smiles, laughter, and conversation.

I speak four languages fluently-English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu-and I'm working on my Arabic.

I love engaging with my clients, and I want to hear your story!
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my Approach

The Ultimate Third Wheel

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Bride looking out a window by taylor jackson weddings kitchener waterlooBride in the rain by taylor jackson weddings kitchener waterloo
Zain is a super friendly guy, and combined with professional work ethic you really cant go wrong with him.
- Roman
The best photographer I’ve worked with!! Always bringing so much energy & passion to sessions. Listens to your ideas and goes above & beyond with his photos!!
- Zanib
Amazing and super professional, great quality
- Maria Fernanda
"Very charismatic, great pictures. Very nice guy in general, got a great sense of humor as well!"
- Andrew Chen

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