good morning!

i've known Taimoor for years. so when he told me that he was looking for someone to photograph his engagement, i was absolutely honored to be the one he chose. i hadn't previously met Nawal, so it was more of a surprise when i met her on the day of the shoot.

you never would believe how cool this shoot was; Taimoor had gathered a bunch of mutual friends to build him this massive sign from cardstock. he had also reached out to Ort Farms in Long Valley, NJ to help get some extra apples to hold it down. those extra apples served as a strong "paperweight" of sorts.

there was no better way this really could have gone. everything was homemade, the weather was beautiful, the couple was gorgeous, and i am so happy with how these photos came out. Ort Farms deserves a massive shoutout for being cool and allowing everything to go so smoothly. Congratulations again, Nawal and Taimoor!

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